1000 Blades

An experimental procedural sword generator that randomly creates and colors blades with over 300,000 possible combinations!

Press space to play!

If you liked this, check out my most recent game Safety Check!
Its a short puzzle game about unloading guns and trying not to blow your head off 😉


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;-; ive been trying so hard to get the buster blade ;-;;;;;;

i got a toy knife tho


diamond claymore

tetanus shank


inverted colored buster blade



I think it would be cool to be able to export your favorite sword. :) 

It would! No idea how to do that in Unity 🤣
Likely not allowed with the html5 sandboxing


Pretty gosh dang cool. It would be nice to be able to customize the swords, but otherwise, it's 100% fantastic.

Thanks! Check out my other game Safety Check for something even better! ✌️

Very cool game, i don’t understand why some people don’t though



It's not much of a game haha but I made it ages ago, still gets the most views


A RNG game, meh.

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lol check out my other game Safety Check if you want something better


You are right it is good.





i fucken hate it

well thanks lol

this game fukin sucks

thanks buddy


Can't comment first!


how i play it?