1000 Blades

An experimental procedural sword generator that randomly creates and colors blades with over 300,000 possible combinations.

Press space to play.


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I think it would be cool to be able to export your favorite sword. :) 

It would! No idea how to do that in Unity 🤣
Likely not allowed with the html5 sandboxing


Pretty gosh dang cool. It would be nice to be able to customize the swords, but otherwise, it's 100% fantastic.

Thanks! Check out my other game Safety Check for something even better! ✌️

Very cool game, i don’t understand why some people don’t though



It's not much of a game haha but I made it ages ago, still gets the most views


A RNG game, meh.

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lol check out my other game Safety Check if you want something better


You are right it is good.





i fucken hate it

well thanks lol

this game fukin sucks

thanks buddy


Can't comment first!


how i play it?